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q 50 diagnostic mode factory reset issue!!

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help I've entered the q50 diagnostic mode by following this link

my in touch had a problem where it was stuck on now loading all apps, after finding the diagnostic mode I thought that resetting to the factory settings as the option that was given would fix the now loading all apps problem instead made it remove all features of the InTouch software so all I have is a wrong clock and three buttons that say phone information and settings and the navigation map option has disappeared has anyone encounter this problem or tested with the diagnostic mode. I have already scheduled an appointment to get it fixed I will have to play stupid and pretend like this happened out of nowhere to avoid risking getting into trouble with Infinity. it also caused my audio radio functions to cease working basically all functions besides car driving normally has ceased to work I think I can label this as bricking the in touch os
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just as other people have indicated here. A Nissan/Infiniti dealer is the only source of the code and the hardware to do it.
My car was eventually fixed by an auto electrician with a high end diagnostics tool that can emulate a Nissan Consult. He ended up showing Nissan South Africa how to fix their own product.
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Can you give me the details of this electrician? I have the same problem after factory reset. Regards
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