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After downloading the service manuals last week, I posted instructions for entering diagnostics mode, including a stern warning about damaging your car. Now that I have my Q50 and have explored the Diag Mode thoroughly, I can tell you it is relatively benign. I have entered every option with the exception Reset All Settings (which I would not recommend, but may also be benign). Most likely it will return all settings in the car to factory defaults.

I just took a video that shows just about every setting in Daig Mode. It's terribly exciting.

There are some mildly useful things in Diag Mode that fall into several categories:

Active Diagnostics (self tests)

Immediately upon entering Diag Mode, you can run Diagnostics. It runs quickly and graphicly depicts major car subsystems and their status. If all is well, everything will be green. You can touch a subsystem for more information.

There are also various Active Diagnostics in the Confirmation/Adjustment section:

  • Test the screen by displaying color bars, grayscale, white and black screen. Test speakers by sending a test tone to each individual speaker.
  • Test that Active Noise Cancellation is working
  • Test that the computer is receiving a button push for most buttons in the car as well as things like the parking brake, etc.
  • Test Sirius/XM functionality.
  • Show touch screen interpretation of click, drag, pinch...
  • And more.

Information (version, error logs, etc)

Perhaps of most use, will be the ability to view error logs and look at version information for numerous Q50 subsystems.

Changing settings

A limited number of items can be changed in Diag Mode:
  • Enable/Disable Active Noise Cancellation and Active Sound Control. Imagine some people will want ASC disabled - this is where engine noise is played in the cabin to make your car seem more powerful. It is played louder in Sports Mode. [ANC/ASC enabled by Default]
  • Change Touch Screen Sensitivity from 1 [Default] to 5.
  • Enable Route Simulation (haven't tried it) [Off by default]
  • Change Handsfree Microphone Sensitivity (Low, Med [Default], High)
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