Hello everyone! I am trying to clear some space in my room and will be getting rid of some parts that I decided I will not be installing on my car. I am selling a set of smoked mirror sequential lights from JR_Lights on Instagram that includes necessary wiring for DRLs/puddle lights. I also have the harness to add paddle shifters if your car is not pre-wired. Should work on non-sport 18+ Q50s and 17+ Q60s. I also have a set of Z1 subframe collars for sale. Everything is brand new and has never been installed on my car. Will listen to any reasonable offers.
Sequential lights: $150,

Paddle harness: $200

Subframe collars: $150.

(all prices including shipping)
I can also provide proof of purchase thru Z1 if anyone needs further proof of me buying them. I also have a chrome LED emblem from Jalisco i will be removing if anyone is potentially listed in that as well.

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