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Q60S-6MT lease

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24 Month lease 12,000 miles/yr

MSRP 46,405
Cap Cost 44,459
Cap reduction 1,099.95
Residual 69%
depreciation 472.49
Rent 17.34
Monthly payment 489.83

License fee 85.00
Gov fee 12.50
Advance payment 489.93
Bank fee 700
Total drive off 3556.48

Dealer says since I'm turning in a lease I get 1000 dealer incentive, so my payment is 2556.48

How does this look?
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Looks pretty fair, but your title says 6MT. There is no manual transmission offering in the Q50 unless you're in Europe.
His title says Q60, wrong section?
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Haha, I derped on that. Wrong site maybe. ;) If I were you Bibbleton, I'd wait to see what the redesigned Q60 has in store next year unless you need a vehicle now.
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Unfortunately my lease is ending in 4 months, and this dealer is saying he will make the rest of my payments and take the car early from me.

I'm a little confused on what 0 down means. They want 2500ish down after I told them I wanted to pay 0 down. Then they also want 700 for the bank fee, and the 1st months payment.
I live in New York so the tax is 8.625%

Also I'm unable to find what invoice is on the car, since I'm coming out of a lease they are giving me 1000 dollars for dealer incentive. Ideally, if I bought the car at invoice, I should get 1000 off that so if the msrp is 46495, I'm assuming the invoice would be 43000 ish...

Anyone have sample number of a good lease deal in NY?

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