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So I'm trying to remain patient yet somewhat biting at the bit because I have a $50k+ car that has issues with the electronics.

1. No apps etc. Yeah yeah we all know that, it's been beaten to death.

2. Black screen of death (only happened once so far, but also appears to be a somewhat common issue) - see here:

3. Now my issue is Bluetooth calls, and it's multifaceted. So the first issue was yesterday I was driving using my BT no issue. BT call displays in place of Nav on top. Hang up, someone else calls. The call comes in on the upper nav as usual, but when I accept the call my music keeps playing and the nav comes I'm trying to talk over the music etc. Today I make a call and the bluetooth info comes in on the lower screen and the nav is fine up top. I never changed any settings. WTF?
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