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I'm kinda kickin' myself in the rear, I regret not opting for the sport wheels/tires. I don't regret not getting the sport package, it rode a little too hard for my taste, but **** those 19-inchers look great for OEM.

Hmmm, wonder if my dealer would be willing to throw me a bone??

Well said for the sport suspension. It was a bit rough for me BUT i did get the 19" "Sport wheels" on my car. Also I pulled the run flats that came with the car off after 8 days and put Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 tires on the car.. What an amazing tire!! Quiet, Smooth ride.. A very nice upgrade. If these tires were on the sports package I might have gone with it. They are that comfortable.

Anybody want to buy 19" run flats with 300 miles on them for cheap??

Oh.. My dealer wouldn't move on tire / rim swap outs when i bought the car..
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