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Telematics Connection

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I've had my Infiniti Connection profile set up for about 2 weeks now and just today went to press the SOS button to follow through with the initiation process. The green light flashes a few times but with no response so I called Infiniti. They told me that the "telematics unit" must not have been activated. He said most were activated at factory but some early cars were not and mine must be one of them. I was told I need to take the car back to the dealership and have them activate the telematics unit. Anyone else have this problem?

Also, he suggested that the reason I may have experienced some inTouch glitches was because the firmware is presently not receiving any updates since my telematics unit is not activated. Is this possible?

Sidenote: I also asked about the inTouch app and they said "sometime this fall" but gave no expected date.
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Yep. Mine is the same.
I took it to the dealer and get the SOS button working.
They can do it fairly quick.
As for the Intouch glitches, it's nothing to do with the SOS or "telematic unit". They just BSing you.
Have you taken it back to the dealer yet? it seems like they know exactly what is wrong with it. And I am sure that they will fix the problem free of charge. I think that issues with system updates could definitely be affecting the system. Patches and updates fix problems that the original software has. So any problems you are having are likely solved by a patch by now, but apparently you aren't able to download and install it. you should let us know how your experience is getting it fixed. Hopefully it all goes smoothly.
Go see your salesperson. They were supposed to check this before you drove off in the car. If the TCU really isn't turned on, then service will need to do it. But just as likely is they never completed the Infiniti Connection / Infiniti Personal Assistant set up for you.
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I'm able to access my Infiniti Connection online so the setup was done, whether it was done correctly is another question. I'll be visiting the dealer soon.

Is the TCU just for SOS function or does it actually relay info/updates to the cars firmware/inTouch?
TCU controls the whole thing. If you can press the on-screen button (headset icon), or use any of the onscreen functions on the lower screen in the IC menu - and access IC, then the SOS button is broken.
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