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As some of you may know, I've been hawking this forum and the interwebs since May. I got a preorder customer ID (after two tries - I called Infiniti when I didn't get one, and they told me to just "try again", sorry Selzini!), but didn't preorder, as I wanted to try the car first.
After all this Internet paranoia, I got to say that that test drive was comparatively a non-event for me, as the cars almost drove themselves, and lived up to my expectations.

Q50 Premium AWD:
- Comfortable seats, nice lower back support without the need for any lumbar adjustment
- Drove in Sport mode, immediately "recognized" the G37xS engine: it shifts the same, it growls the same, and I love it. Very very smooth and rapid upshifting and acceleration. I was still pleasantly surprised compared with the G, so they managed to improve it without losing its soul IMO.
- Suspension feel was good, the tires eat bumps.
- Steering is quite nicely stiff, again like in the G37xS. I don't recall if this model had the DAS option or not.
- All in all, loved driving the Q50 Premium, would be a great DD.

Q50S Hybrid AWD fully loaded:
- Sports seats are great. Really. I confirm what Sinecure wrote about them, I'm a big guy and I love them. Hated the sports seats in the G37S.
- Trunk is small but serviceable. Check out Selzini's report, everything he says I experienced, including the fact that removing the underlying plastic shelf would gain an inch or two. Big enough for my needs.
- *Loved* the weight distribution and handling. This car sucks the road like a greedy widow. Exhilarating experience, probably because (like I believe InfinitiPlusOne reported), the weight distribution in the AWD Hybrid is excellent. The added weight actually feels good (as opposed to the widow!).
- Loved the sport hybrid suspension. I was literally looking for potholes to drive over. It absords everything from the RFT. Liked it better than the non-sport car.
- As others have reported, the Dunlops are noisy at highway speeds. The Bridgestones are much quieter (I used similar routes for both). I'll be buying Michelin Sport A/S 3, that's for sure (as well as the Lexus F-Sport tire repair kit, which is reported to be the only one guaranteed not to clog the TMPS sensor).
I tried to fault the A/S Dunlops by accelerating in a curve, but they hung to the road. Really I couldn't fault them, except for the noise. But I bet than wet roads would be another story.
- The DAS was a non-event. I couldn't tell it wasn't a mechanical steering if I didn't know it. Felt very natural to me (in Sports mode).
- Breaking also felt natural. Couldn't tell it was a hybrid if blind.
- Tech was fun, intuitive and responsive. Loved the fact that I could park with a millimeter precision with the around view camera+marker lines.
- Only downside: I didn't feel as much torque acceleration as I was expecting - but I got to 100mph without even feeling it. It was faster than the Premium, but it didn't feel like it, whereas the gas engine lets you know it's working.

In the end, I liked both cars, but decided to buy the hybrid AWD fully loaded. Unfortunately I can't, because AWD Fan stole my car! I want it in Hagane Blue with graphite interior, but there aren't any available. Might have to factory order, which sucks.

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Thanks for the great write up shend

You clearly had a blast in the hybrid sport awd

About the torque, I think the smoothness of the drivetrain, including shifting masks the torque

In place of getting a good butt meter impression of how well this car goes, I have been shocked at how this car leave others in the dust when I floor it from a red light or when I execute a pass on the highway

The only braking aspect I perceive that is different from my past cars is some grabbing when I hit the brakes at low speed

Sorry about grabbing your car (ok, not really)

I found a couple of blue ones on (interior colors not known)

2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid Sport, $55,455 -
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