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Text Message Disconnects BlueTooth

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I have paired my Samsung Galaxy S3 via Bluetooth. Everything worked fine until I got a text message. I was able to have the text message read to me, but once I tried to resume listening to streaming audio from my phone it wouldn't play. I had to delete my phone and set it up again. It will also work if I turn off my car, and restart it. Did anyone have a resolution for this?
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I have the same issue as well. sometimes it also happens to me even after receiving or making a call. when you say delete your phone do you mean disconnect bluetooth connection and then connect again? cause that has worked for me sometimes. really frustrating as its happened to me two or three times in one drive after receiving calls or checking texts on the intouch. I also find it takes my eyes a off the road and could be dangerous. although i have it down now to do safely enough still annoying though.
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