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One of the main new features of the recently concluded Detroit was the Infiniti Q50 , one of the most ambitious launched by Infiniti in its quarter-century history. The smallest sedan the Japanese firm has profoundly renewed, both aesthetic and mechanical as name, reduced from G3X to Q50 . So far only been presented the U.S. version, but no doubt that in the coming months will also see their landing in the European market.

One of the main problems of Infiniti in Europe until recently was the absence of diesel engines, which in time also occurs in the new Infiniti Q50 , which in the U.S. will only be offered with a 3.7 V6 engine of 328 hp and a little later with a 3.5 V6 302 connected to an electric motor. However, Infiniti is clear that a diesel engine in Europe is essential, and will benefit from synergies with Daimler to introduce a diesel car from Mercedes Benz.
The Infiniti models that currently have a block used diesel V6 from the Renault-Nissan group itself, but now they have seen fit to choose a Mercedes four-cylinder block instead of opting for a Renault or Nissan using in Europe. surely try some variant of the 2.1-liter engine using various models of Mercedes, available with aspirated or turbo and with power from 120 to 204 hp .

A manager of the U.S. division of Infiniti has confirmed that this block very likely be offered in the future in the U.S. , but its release will be in Europe. This diesel engine will not only yield to Infiniti Mercedes, as also awaiting the arrival of an Infiniti Q50 engine with turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine as an access to the petrol range. In a more distant horizon loom wheel drive versions to complement the rear-drive variants will be offered initially.

As we see, Infiniti wants the Q50 is the turning final to mature as strong premium brand that is recognized by a wide audience as a serious rival to the German triumvirate everlasting. Now we just have to wait for the European division of Infiniti we confirm the arrival of the model to Europe.
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