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The Infiniti Q50 was just nominated for the creme-de-la-creme of motor vehicle awards: the World Car of the Year title. This is not the first award that the Q50 has been considered for though. indeed the Q50 has been picking up prizes pretty consistently.

Canadian independent motoring journalists have named the Q50 2014's Best Luxury Car, Best New innovation (for the steer-by-wire system), and Best New Safety Technology award for Predictive Forward Collision Warning.

The Q50 has also been picking up awards in the United States. At the annual "Best of What's New" competition in the US, the editors of Popular Science chose Infiniti's Direct Adaptive Steering as one of their 12 Grand Award winners.

Fintan Knight, Vice President Infiniti Europe, middle East and Africa, said "the Q50 has already proven itself as at rue contender with automotive commentators, test drivers and independent experts who even described it as a breath of fresh air in the German-dominated luxury saloon market. The Q50 is Infiniti's standard bearer for breakthrough technology and we are delighted that so much of what we believe in has been recognized with these prestigious titles."

The Infiniti Q50 has also been awarded a Five Star Euro NCAP rating, which is not small feat. This is partly to do with the Q50's Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) system that warns drivers of the potential danger ahead and then automatically slows the vehicle down or stops the vehicle if necessary.

Will World Car of the Year be added to the Infiniti's Q50's growing list of accolades? We will find out when the winner of the big prize is announced at the New York Auto Show.

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