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There she is... Malbec Black Premium Sports

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Got her yesterday in the rain... the sales agent had to move her inside while I finished the paper work. A few pics to show you all the different shades of purple and blue and black depending on the light. Love the color!!!


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YAY!! Congrats! I do believe you're the first one on here to get their Malbec Black Q50! Beautiful! Thanks for the pictures showing the purple!!
Great looking car!
I'll take a few more pics later this week when it's sunny. Been muggy and raining the past two days. Took it out a couple of times and really enjoying the ride. :)
Nice! Congrats on the MB Q50! Looking forward to more pics! :D
Hey, nice!

But...uh, whatchu talkin' bout "different shades of blue"?

Were you wearing polarized glasses when you were looking at the car? :p
Looks nice. I tried to check one out in person at a dealership, but we couldn't find one on the lot. Congrats!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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