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Who chose the body shop, you, your insurance company, or the other driver's insurance company? Make it known you are a fussy *** and will be going over the car with a fine tooth comb when it is done, and do so. Don't accept it without checking out EVERY system that was impacted (pun intended). Thoroughly inspect the inside of the trunk, and the underbody in the rear. I would insist on inspecting it on a lift. Make it known you expect to not be able to tell it was overspray on the underbody components that are not body color, none on the weatherstripping or moldings, pull up the trunk mat and inspect the metal trunk floor. I would even want to do a water leak inspection of the trunk. Make sure all the rear bumper sensors work properly, all the lighting works properly and illuminates evenly. I would even take along a code never know what can be affected by a severe impact. I might even be insistent on taking the car to an Infiniti dealer and having it inspected, even if I had to pay out of my own pocket for that. That car is very complex and you paid a lot of money for it (eventually). If the rear license plate is bent, insist on getting a replacement from your DMV. I would be making that adjuster wish he had totaled it by the time I am done with him.

And if you leased it...forget everything I said and just drive the **** out of it.
Well the insurance company uses them where I live, it is one of the better shops locally. I have never had any issues with anything they did. They are going forward with repairs and they gave me a total of 13k for the total. I am also going to file a diminished value with The insurance company. I will go over it with a fine tooth comb.
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