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TMPS question

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Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and wanted to ask some advise.
I know this is my personal preference but what do you guys think.
I am getting VELGEN vmb5 rims but the supplier doesn not have TMPS for this vehicle in stock. What did you guys do for your TMPS? Do you ride with your pressure light on all the time? Or did you guys EBAY it?
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I too am curious if the car will behave and not have a fit if TPMS is not detected.
I didn't run them on my 2013 Subaru Legacy year round and when they weren't detected all that happened was the indicator light in the dash illuminated the low pressure warning.
The Q50 will put up an annoying flat tire message on your drivers console telling you that you have a flat tire. And you will also get a permanent yellow light which can only be turned off by the dealer on your speedometer. I am believe this will happen because I got a flat tire and that is what happened. I could be wrong however.
Use your TPSM from stock or buy new OEM TPSM sensors no; 407004GA0A
if you buy the best price i got from my dealer was $75 a piece
When I bought my pair of wheels I used my stock sensors and they worked perfectly.

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