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Hey Guys,

My Q50 is being delivered tomorrow with the standard wheels. It's a 24 month lease and I heard how horrible the stock RFT's are. My question is how many miles with normal driving should I expect to get out of them. The reason I ask if it's around 20K miles I'll go ahead and replace my tires now with non RFT and enjoy it then return the car with the original tires. However if the will last something like 50K miles then it would be a waste to put money on tires when these will last me through my lease. I also assume the car has to be returned with run flats is that correct? Thanks!
21K AWD 17 stock
between 7/32 and 8/32 thread left (new thread depth 10/32")

If you keep tires properly inflated (35 cold) and rotated each 5k or 6 months (whichever driving style fits better) - you will be fine by end of lease. Especially if you lease another Infiniti since you will get $500 tear waiver credit.

And you are correct - RFT equipped cars MUST be returned with RFT tires and do not listen to anyone saying otherwise - you will be taking huge chances attempting to return non RFT and not get hit with surcharges. (some people get lucky once in the blue moon though)

Also keep in mind that tread wearing FASTER on NEW tires - the less thread left the SLOWER it will wear.

P.S. And I drive like maniac - so I am really surprised to hear stories from people that they need new tires or brakes after 15K LOL
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