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So this morning i go to work, its early, so i have the radio off and windows cracked a bit. get to the corner, turn right and hit the gas (normal, not hard). anyway i hear a sound. hard to explain, seemed a bit metallic, yet had almost a vacuum sound.
now tonight, i had to go to a wake, i pull into a spot and again, turn right and theres that sound again. this time more metallic than vacuum. i pull out and go back in to see if it was really my car and it was.
as i got home i pull into my drive way (right turn again) nothing, no sound all is good. but now that I'm conscious about this i go for a ride, again slow and hit the breaks. it feels like the calipers close on the rotors to stop but then pivots a bit, (pivot may be the wrong term), but it feels like the right side may move some.
i really hope i don't have an issue already
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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