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Vehicle Transfer Question

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So...I'm looking for a Malbec Black Premium RWD Q50 with Tech package. All of the dealers here in VA only have AWD. Which I don't want. I'm in VA but right on the VA/NC border and it just doesn't snow here. I don't see a need to pay an extra $1640 for AWD.

So I found the configuration that I want at a dealer in Louisiana. The dealer is willing to do a trader if they receive a comparable RWD vehicle in return.

I emailed my local dealer last night..and didn't get a response this morning like I have been getting in the past. So I called them and they are basically would be better for them to find the car themselves...they are trying to push me to getting a AWD or order it and wait the 90 -120 days.

The other thing is..I have a dealer in NC about 4 hours away that I've also been working with. They have all RWD vehicles but they don't have the Malbec black.

My local dealer has been great. I've purchased 2 cars from them in the past and I've been dealing with them for 16 years. Per my sales person, the sales manager is working on find another car now and they are suppose to call me back today.

With their not being any malbec black RWD with tech anywhere near here or on the way. I'm not sure where they are going to magically find this car.

So, my options are:

1. Work with my current dealer..who is pushing me to get a AWD.

2. Order the RWD from my current dealer and wait the 90 days to have it built and shipped form Japan

3. I've contacted the dealer in NC. So..see if they are willing to do a trade with the dealer in LA and buy the car there. In this option..does the dealer normally pick up the costs associated with the transfer?

4. Buy the car directly from the dealer in LA and have it sent to me in VA. I've received several quotes and it looks like I can have the car transported myself for $650-$750.

5. Last option is...there is a AWD malbec with tech available at another VA dealer about 4 hours away. I know dealers aren't willing to negotiate right now..but I also gave my local dealer the option of getting that car if they are willing to negotiate on the price.

Has anyone ever did a transfer or purchased a car in another state and had it shipped to you? I don't want to be inpatient. However, I also don't want to wait 3 months and have a car shipped from Japan if it's one already here just so that my local dealer gets the sale. Any advice you can give would be appreciated.

If I'm going to spend $50k on a car. I'm not compromising on colors or features.
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