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Vibration in Cornering on RFT - Premium AWD 17" non-sport

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I have driven the car for 250 odd miles in the 1st week and generally like the car apart from the steering feel during cornering in excess of 50 MPH. I am not pushing the car at all as its still in break-in period but I can feel some vibration on steering while cornering on Ramps for freeway when I am trying to accelerate and merge with traffic.

There was also slight vibration in straight line free way driving around 70 MPH but that has got better after I reduced the tire pressure to 35 PSI which was showing 39 PSI since I took the delivery.

This is my first ever experience with RFT and maybe this is how they are but I still feel there should be no vibrations in a brand new car. Is there a chance the balancing on tires is not proper?

I have also disabled brake assist just in case but it has had no difference.
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Hi hn308. IMO, you should not be feeling the vibration you described. It could be as simple a fix as rebalancing the wheels. It is not commonplace. Consider returning your car to the dealership for diagnosis and repair. The 19" RFT on my car are smooth rolling, imparting no vibration. Congrats on your new ride and best of luck.
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