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Ok so with no good landcruisers on the market in my area I have decided to continue this build. I have the following purchased/received and waiting to install.

Are there any mods you guys recommend to add? Especially since the motor will be pulled for turbo install.

Sitting around waiting for install:
Pure Stage 1s(will upgrade to stage 2)
DW 1700cc
AMS fuel pressure sensor
OEM fuel rails
Spool flex fuel with fuel filter
Pride fuel pickup
Z1 subframe collars
Z1 motor mounts
Z1 transmission mount
PLM universal heat exchanger
Boosted6 3” shorty intakes
Z1 undershroud
Z1 stainless brake lines/motul DOT 5.1/ebc redstuff
Z1 undershroud
Almost certain I’m forgetting something

To be purchased:
MAP full downpipes catted
NT555Rii tires
rear away bar
sway bar end links
rear suspension arms

Any recommendations on going with Z1 or AMS LSD? Will get one but not sure which one is better.

Is the upgraded oil pan worth the investment? Also on the fence about the Z1 fender tank and coolant pump

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Sounds like you're getting plenty of Z1 entries to win a NEW Z AN 20K!

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If you're doing that much, I'd absolutely spring for the DropBear Aluminum oil pan. It's relatively cheap insurance for your engine.
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